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Philly Tales

  • The Fanastical, Mysterious, Magical Schmoo

    Li'l Abner comic strip had a mystical creature called a Schmoo. He got pretty famous and they began to sell Schmoo toys. I got one for Christmas w...
  • The Lucky Bayberry Candle

    My mom used to burn a Bayberry candle on Christmas Eve. It was supposed to bring you good luck if it burned all night. One year my grandfather put ...
  • A Fantastic Journey

    I just returned from a fantastic journey, a journey so far away. I can’t explain it in terms of miles or kilometers. It was strange, very strange, but also exciting and so enjoyable.

  • Remembering Our Veterans Nov. 11

    This whole Veteran’s Day weekend I have been thinking about all those men and women who answered the call of duty to fight for the USA over our 242...