Nothing Says Happy New Year Better Than the Mummers

The  Mummers

When you think about New Year's in Philadelphia, the one Philly icon that comes to mind first is the Mummers at the New Year’s Parade. The parade started in 1901 and is the longest-running continuous folk parade in the United States. Over the years, countless parade visitors and, in later years, those who watched it on TV have enjoyed the colorful costumes, wonderful music, and the antics of the Comedy Clubs, my Mom’s favorite.

The images in this video are mostly from Temple University’s digital archives. I have enhanced and colorized them to help create a better nostalgic memory for all who love the Mummers. I have also posted stills used in the video to allow you to download them or just enjoy each image longer.

Happy New Year – 2024- May your Golden Slippers always be full of happiness.


The images used are also part of my Philly Tales Photo Album, which contains over 1,385 old images from Philly.  Visit my website at to see a link to the album.

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