Always Remembered. Always Honored

Over the years, I have often written articles about memorial day. I believe it’s important to honor those who have sacrificed for America’s freedom. The war in Ukraine has reminded us of how awful war is and the toll it takes, not only on those fighting but also on those who have lost loved ones.

I thought this year I would create a video to honor our American heroes. I am posting it early, so we have ample time to remember and honor these brave souls. The first half of the video are photos of Memorial Day tributes in Philadelphia over the years. The second half is photos of our heroes in action. You get extra points if you tear up or cry. I certainly did as I created the video. Perhaps we should make the whole month of May Memorial Month.

If you like, you can read two previous articles I wrote about Memorial Day and Veterans Day:  The Few Who Sacrificed for the Many and  What Memorial Day Means to Me.

 The photos are in the Philly Tales photo album at

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