A Sweet Philly Easter

Easter is almost here (April 17, 2022,) and you are no doubt being tempted to buy jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and coconut cream eggs early so you can sample them before giving them to your grandkids or your children. I mean, it’s your duty to be sure those candies stand up to the high standards of your youth. 😊 How we celebrate,

Easter has changed from what it was in the 1950s to the 1970s. People may not dress up as we did back then, school-age children probably are not drawing Easter-related art while in class, families may not get together as they once did, and others may not go to church on Palm Sunday and Easter Day. Sometimes we feel sad that younger generations will not experience how we celebrated Easter.

I have a suggestion. Go through your old photos and put together the ones you have from those sweet Easter days of your youth. Put the pictures in a scrapbook, and the next time your grandkids or kids visit (hopefully on Easter), show them and tell some stories. Someday in the future, they will remember your stories and experience the same warm feeling you have when those memories sneak into your mind.

To help stimulate your memories, I put together a short video made from various historic photos of Easter celebrations in the Philadelphia area. I have colorized them, so you see them as you remember them. These images are also part of my Philly Tales Album (https://mercyrow.com/pages/philly-tales-photos) and 800 other historical images from what we old-timers call the golden age.

Have a very sweet Philadelphia Easter.

Originally posted on The Kensington Neighborhood Alumni Group on Facebook.

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