Sample Mercy Row Clann

 Chapter 2- Sample Chapter Mercy Row Clann

            Mike Kelly picked up a baseball bat and patted it on the palm of his hand, checking to see if the weight was right. He swung it a couple of times to practice his swing, and tapped it on the floor. When he was satisfied, he stepped closer to the chair, pulled the bat back and placed it on his shoulder.

“Did I ever tell you I played ball in high school? I was pretty good. My coach said I had the makings of a professional. Yeah I know, coulda, woulda, shoulda . I had to leave school and get a job to take care of my Ma. So I’ll never know. Barry, before I take a couple practice swings on your leg, tell me why you’ve been stealing from people in North Philly?” Mike asked.

“I swear Mike. I never—”

Mike interrupted Barry,           “Do you think we’re stupid, Barry? We know you’ve been doing it. I just want to know why and who else is working with you. Whata ya say Barry?” Mike asked in a deliberate calm manner.

“Mike please. I didn’t…,” Barry started to plead but was interrupted when Mike’s bat slammed hard on his knee. Barry screamed in pain.

“You were saying Barry?” Mike asked and paused to allow Barry to regain his composure.

“Mike, come on. You know me.” Barry pleaded. Mike placed the bat on his shoulder again. “Okay, okay,” Barry shouted. “I did, but only once. I swear.”

“Barry, Barry, Barry. Don’t lie to me,” Mike said as he smashed the bat on Barry’s other knee. “Now tell me the truth. Everything!”

“Okay, okay,” Barry whimpered. “I’ve been, for nine months now.”

“How much?”

“I don’t know. Fifteen grand maybe,” Barry confessed still whimpering.

“Who’s in on it with you?”

“Just me. I’m sorry Mike. I’ll pay you back I swear,” Barry pleaded.

“You will? Every penny?” Mike asked acting interested.

“Every penny, Mike, I swear on my kids. I’ll take it back to the people we… I stole it from.”

“You know Barry we don’t have a lot of rules. Just a few. The first rule is you never steal from the gang or anyone in it. The second rule is you never steal anything, not even a candy bar, in Kensington or the wop gang’s territory,” Mike said.

“I know Mike. I Know. I fucked up. That’s all. It’ll never happen again,” Barry pleaded.

“Okay Barry, but I have to punish you. Wouldn’t look right to the other guys if I didn’t. You understand. Right? Put your hand on the table,” Mike said is a low voice.

Barry tentatively placed his hand on the table and stiffened in anticipation of Mike hitting his hand with the bat. A crushed hand was better than dying, he decided. Mike turned away from Barry and faced Brian who was standing, not far away, in the back of the room. He motioned to Brian to move a few feet to Brian’s right. Then Mike turned and swung the bat with all his force, smashing it into Barry’s left temple. The blow knocked Barry from the chair to the floor, his head split and bleeding. Mike hit him three more times to be sure he was dead.

“For a minute, I thought you were going to let him go,” Brian said.

“Oh no. Couldn’t do that. Take his ass over to K&A, and drop him on the sidewalk tonight. I want everyone to see want happens when you break our rules,” Mike said.

“Do you think he was telling the truth?”

“No. He lied. He has no children,” Mike answered. He was working with the other guys in his crew. When they see what happened to Barry, they’ll stop.” Mike paused and said, “After they find him and tell his mom, take over five grand and tell her we’re very sorry for her loss. Tell her he was a good man and he’ll be missed.”