The Potato Thief- Prequel

The Potato Thief- Prequel

I am working on a prequel of sorts for the Mercy Row series. The title is The Potato Thief. It is the story of how George Graham from the first novels ends up in Philadelphia. As young man in Ireland (1881) his father is dead and his brothers, sister and mother are starving farmers. A mini potato blight has hit the region and George decides to steal a sack of potatoes to help his family. He is caught and ends up in prison. Through a series of circumstances he escapes and has to leave Ireland.

He finds himself in the Irish Brigade of the French Foreign Legion and travels to Indochina to help fight rebels. Again through a series of circumstances he then travels to Philadelphia where he meets Charles Byrne and the two embark on a criminal life. Of course there is a lot more to it.

When this is finished I will write the fourth book in the Mercy Row story and continue the exploits of Gerry Amato.

The Potato Thief is taking longer to write than I thought because I have to research three different cultures and exotic locations. That said, I am moving along fairly well with the story.

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