Did you or someone you know grow up or live in Philly?

  • Makes a great Christmas Gift!

    Did you or someone you know grow up or live in Philly? If so, I know you’re going to love my Mercy Row series of novels. And, they make a great Christmas gift for someone on your list.

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    The story takes place in North Philadelphia and begins in the 1920-30s (Book one Mercy Row). It’s the story of an Irish crime family that is both vicious and vengeful, as well as being highly motivated to help the community. While building the familiar Philly red brick row homes the family creates and protects its numinous criminal enterprises.

    The series (three books, Mercy Row, Mercy Row Clann and Mercy Row Retribution) covers a time period from 1920 to 1975. The novels are action packed, as a mob story should be, and offer numerous Philadelphia references that will jog your memories.
    Here’s what some of your fellow Philadelphians say about the series:

    “Mami: Being a Philadelphian, I loved the setting of this story. The characters were fascinating, drawing you quickly into the story. It was so good. I’m starting Book 2 now”

    “Daria: The first book which I read in one day was excellent and it kept my interest. Thanks for a good read. I liked the affiliation of the Irish and Italians when they banded together. The deaths seemed so real. I am starting number 2 tonight.”

    “Margaret: Got them for my husband … who is not a reader by a long shot! He read them all and thoroughly enjoyed that! He grew up on Ontario Street. I shared your post!”

    “Kathleen: Just finished all 3 loved them sorry when they ended.”

    “Mickey: Just finished book 3! Great Stuff ! Looks like opening 4 book 4 ?”

    “Mike: Mercy Row Retribution was the best of the three. It captured my imagination and kept me turning pages. It’s not often that I find a novel that keeps my interest high let alone a whole trilogy. You should read them all. The historical context seemed to be taking pages from my own life. The vivid descriptions made you feel like you were sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Mercy Row series…..well done!”

    Buy at www.amazon.com/author/harryhallman
    Available in eBook, Paperback and Audio.

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