Dancing on Air

I’m dancing on air over this review for Mercy Row Retribution I just received from Bradley Knox of Hogwash Thirteen Blog. Well as much as an elderly overweight man can dance.

“In this third in the Mercy Row Trilogy, Harry Hallman has really hit his stride as a world class writer!

This book follows the legacy of a north Philadelphia crime family into the 60s, specifically Gerry’s exploits during a tour as a pilot in Vietnam, and his impact back home in his Philadelphia
neighborhood. Mr. Hallman’s vivid and descriptive prose keeps you burning through the pages of this book, and his ability to tell a tale is beyond compare! Action packed, epic, and a number of surprises. I believe that this third book is his strongest yet, and I am anxiously awaiting the next! Very much worth the time it took to get this one, Harry! Knocked it out of the park. Highly recommended!”

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