Another great review of my newest novel Mercy Row Retribution

Another great review of my newest novel Mercy Row Retribution by the blog Book Are Love. Take a look: scroll down to see review.

“This is a enthralling look at the dichotomy of a family of crime-their feelings, emotions, beliefs and their look at right and wrong and where they draw the line, and actions. A fast paced book where we see crime plus humanity done by the men and women in this book. 
We begin with looking at a reckless but caring pilot named Gerry Amota in the Vietnam war. While there we see a dichotomy in his actions and feelings- he helps orphans and visits them even loving them, he helps a cab driver and yet finds a way to make money in the racquet of selling marijuana. This becomes a family venture-mom launders the money with her charitable foundation of Mercy Row. So we have a crime family with a charitable foundation and members of this family showing us their softer side via running orphanages, feeling the homeless etc.-giving us the dichotomy on their emotions as well as their motives and behavior.

Make no mistake though this book shows both sides of the coin for these men-the violence and goodness. Showing where they draw the line and blur it. What they find to be right and wrong and their justification. You get a addictive look at the good, the bad and the ugly of these men and how they feel and motives. A truly fascinating book looking at the dichotomies of this crime family and their ways.”

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